Turning off Google Analytics for Local Hugo Server

April 3, 2020
Quick, Hugo

TL;DR: If using Google Analytics, most Hugo themes load the tracking script even when running locally. This causes a bunch of bogus page views when writing a new article. Creating separate config files for development and production is an easy way to fix this.

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Load Testing Caddy Web Server on a GCP F1-Micro Instance Using K6 (

March 24, 2020
Monitoring, Testing, GCP, Caddy, Web Servers, Performance

TL;DR: I used the K6 load testing framework to benchmark the Compute Engine f1-micro and Caddy web server hosting this site. With CloudFlare caching turned off, the server was able to serve an onslaught 800 virtual users continuously reloading the page (while maintaining a median request duration of <400ms), but started dropping requests when increasing the load further.

this is fine

This is fine.

Managed Kubernetes Price Comparison (2020)

March 5, 2020
Comparison, Pricing
Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure, EKS, GKE, AKS, Digital Ocean

TL;DR: Azure and Digital Ocean don’t charge for the compute resources used for the control plane, making AKS and DO the cheapest for running many, smaller clusters. For running fewer, larger clusters GKE is the most affordable option. Also, running on spot/preemptible/low-priority nodes or long-term committed nodes makes a massive impact across all of the platforms.

Price Graph

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