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2021-04-08: TINY CONTAINER CHALLENGE: Building the World’s Smallest Docker Container!


2021-03-15: Kubernetes Secrets in 5 Minutes!

2021-03-01: Are AWS Certifications Worth It? 🤔 [Featuring Dylan Albertazzi]

2021-01-17: How to Build Multi-Architecture Docker Images with BuildX | Deploy containers to x86 and ARM!

2021-01-17: Introduction to AWS in 10 minutes! (Ten services you need to know to get started)

2020-12-27: Deploying a MERN Application (with Docker, Atlas, and Digital Ocean!)

2020-12-22: An Intro to DevOps - Live Coding a Sample DevOps Workflow

2020-12-07: How to START FREELANCING in 2021 (Interview with Bradley Jacobs, CEO @

2020-12-01: Styling Subscriber Images with TensorFlow! (5000 Subscriber Celebration 🎉🎉🎉)

2020-11-17: DO NOT Buy the New Apple Silicon M1 Macs… (as a Software Engineer)

2020-11-11: GitHub Super Linter in 5 minutes! (Run Local + GitHub Actions)

2020-11-02: How to Properly Manage Application Secrets (5 LEVELS)

2020-10-05: Port Knocking (Network Security Technique) Explained and Demoed in 5 Minutes!

2020-09-28: Using Google Cloud Storage + Cloudflare to Host a Static Website for just PENNIES PER MONTH!

2020-09-28: Docker Compose on Google’s Container Optimized OS!

2020-08-31: Docker Compose in 6 minutes! Mongo, Express, React, Node (MERN) Application Tutorial

2020-08-17: How to secure your Docker containers! (5 practical tips with example Dockerfiles! 🐳)

2020-08-10: How to make smaller Docker containers (including multi-stage build demo!)

2020-07-20: How to debug Docker containers! (Python + VSCode)

2020-07-10: Deploying your FIRST Web App as a Junior Developer!

2020-06-28: Jr Developer’s Portfolio Reviewed By A Senior Silicon Valley Software Engineer.

2020-06-20: Is this the FASTEST way to learning a new programing language?! (Clément M. parody 😎)

2020-06-12: The HIDDEN COST of Machine Learning!

2020-06-05: Doing Stupid Stuff with GitHub Actions! (FIVE Actions Implemented and Explained)

2020-05-23: Set up GitHub Actions as a Free Website Uptime Monitor in Just 3 Minutes!

2020-05-16: Build a CI/CD Pipeline for Google App Engine Site Using CircleCI [Full Walkthrough]

2020-05-07: Build a Password Protected Website with Google App Engine + Identity Aware Proxy [Full Walkthrough]

2020-04-09: 5 YouTube Channels EVERY DevOps Engineer Should Subscribe To!

2020-03-29: Website Performance + Load Testing with K6 ( in 5 MINUTES!

2020-02-27: [Full Workshop] Build a Multi-Step Google Cloud Build Pipeline from Scratch!

2020-02-24: [1 HOUR WORKSHOP] Webserver Set-Up Progression (From Localhost to GCP With Caddy Webserver + Docker)

2020-02-22: Creating and Deploying a Website on GCP in 5 MINUTES for FREE! (Hugo Website + Caddy Webserver)

2020-02-16: Hello Youtube! (AUDIO & VIDEO generated and uploaded with python)

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