I specialize in helping companies build and mature their DevOps and cloud infrastructure systems.

Here are a few companies I have worked with:

Gauntlet Networks

“Sid started working with Gauntlet in April 2020 when the company was less than 10 people. We had a basic Kubernetes cluster set up to handle some manually triggered simulation jobs, and brought Sid on board to help take our DevOps and infrastructure to the next level. Over the following two years, Sid led a number of significant projects including:

  • Rolling out and upgrading Kubeflow for better management and automation of ETL, simulation, and optimization workflows on Kubernetes
  • Leveraging cluster autoscaling and pre-emptible instances to efficiently serve bursty workloads at scale
  • Designing and implementing a CI/CD workflow that fit the needs of our organization, including setting up IaaS via Terraform, cluster deployment and maintenance across multiple development environments, as well as observability and monitoring solutions

Sid was able to independently own most of these projects over their entire lifecycle as a part-time contractor, while still collaborating effectively with others on the team to navigate complex and changing business requirements. Sid is always meticulous about code quality, documentation, and knowledge sharing, which resulted in a smooth transition at the end of the project. Much of Gauntlet’s infrastructure continues to rely on Sid’s work, which now supports a team of 50, running hundreds of daily jobs with tricky compute requirements and dependency management. I would recommend working with Sid in a heartbeat for any similar projects.”

Rei Chiang, Chief Technology Officer

Ursa Space Systems

“Sid worked with Ursa Space Systems from November 2021 through December 2022. We hired Sid to support our Systems Team as a DevOps Consultant while we were expanding our DevOps team. His impact on our operations cannot be overstated! Sid delivered great value, even as a part-time employee.

His expertise with Kubernetes, AWS, and Gitlab CI is top-notch. He collaborated effectively with our development team and earned our highest trust as an external contractor. For all of these reasons, I would highly recommend Sid to any company looking for DevOps expertise.”

Julie Baker, Chief Operating Officer

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